Monday, April 21, 2008

My Goal For This Week

Jim and I got the call we had been waiting for today--we are going to work for the National Park Service. We will be leaving Wichita, Kansas in the morning, headed for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is very exciting to me, I can hardly wait to get there. So, my goal for this week:

I want to get to our destination in Arizona by Saturday afternoon. I want to take pictures of at least 5 interesting things along the way. I want to use up all the leftovers in my refrigerator. And, I want to write at least six articles by Sunday.

I know I can do all these things, and I admit, they are pretty easy goals that do not push me very hard to accomplish them. But, I will be traveling 1200 miles before I get to my destination, so that in itself is a challenge.

We'll see how I did next week.


Lynn Barry said...


Karen said...

I know, Lynn, we are like the little engine that could, hehehe.