Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Write For Ten Topic: Out My Back Door

As I was looking for the topic for today, I was looking out my kitchen window and saw a beautiful Eastern Bluebird sitting on a post by the propane tank. These little birds have a rusty red breast and a creamy white belly with a beautiful blue for the rest of their body.

There are lots of birds around this area. We are volunteering as camp hosts in the Talledega National Forest sout of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Our backyard is unspoiled forest of long leaf pine, oak, cedar and a few cypress in the wet spots.

Across the road in front of our trailer is the 110 acre Payne Lake. The mood of the lake changes from day to day--this morning she was rippled by breezes blowing in from the north. For a few days back in January she was actually frozen over on the surface--quite an occurance for south western Alabama.

We have seen evidence of wild hogs in our "yard" ever since we arrived here in November--the root up the ground and leave it looking like it was plowed by a drunk farmer. We know they come almost every night but we have never seen them.


Lynilu said...

OMG, Karen! My cousin and her husband are hosting there, too! Have you met Belinda and Rob Guild? I know it's a big park, but what a coincidence if you've met!

DC said...

Another small world. DC's daughter (from first marriage) and granddaughter live in Northport. Daughter, Stacey Kendrick, works for the Tuscaloosa Police Dept.