Sunday, April 13, 2008

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

Says who?!

I decided this past week that I want to be more positive about my life. I realized that most of us get no recognition for the wonderful things we do on a daily basis. Simply because you are expected to do something doesn't mean you shouldn't be praised when you do a really good job of it or when you learn a new way of doing it. There are so few big moments in life, why shouldn't we celebrate the small ones?

These small efforts can feel like major accomplishments, and even if no one else recognizes them for the momentous occasions that they are, it doesn't mean I shouldn't. To that end, I decided to start awarding myself badges for all those mini-milestones. If you want to read about my first award ceremony, it's right here.

Aside from the silliness of rewarding myself with badges meant for ten year olds, it actually serves a real purpose. Self reflection can be a great tool for growth and for deciding who you want to be. Reflecting on my week has been a habit for a while now, but most of the time I was focusing on the negative. I would think about all the ways I had messed up that week and resolve to do better next week.

In my decision to be more positive, I realized that this was self defeating. What we focus on is what we become. In focusing on why I hadn't worked out I was reminding myself of what I don't like about exercise instead of what I do like. Thus, the virtual badge ceremony was born.

In awarding myself badges, I think about the things I did well that week. I try to consider if I did it well enough to deserve a badge for it, or did I do it halfway - could I have done a better job if I had only put in a little more effort? If the answer is yes, I did it well, I earn the badge I have chosen to represent that task. (Yea, me!) If the answer is no, I was slacking, then I have to wait til next week to consider that badge again.

The great thing about it is that it's totally up to me. In awarding these badges, no one else's opinion really matters - I am the only one who knows if I cheated. That's where self reflection comes in....

So, in addition to the badges I awarded myself on Friday, I am also going to add:

Pet Care

For walking Ilex and scooping the poop!

and last but not least:

Healthy Relationships

For reaching my huge milestone 5 Monthaversary with Ken.

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Karen said...

Yay, Becca. You certainly do deserve lots of awards!