Monday, April 14, 2008

My Goals For This Week

The Monday Menus here at JITT can be anything you want, from meal planning to sharing your life's dreams, but for today, it is going to be about where I literally want to be by days end. We are traveling from Unicoi State Park to a temporary temporary job in Wichita, Kansas. We told them we would be there by Tuesday, which is a push for us, as we normally don't go more than 300 miles in a day, and we will have to about 450 a day to get there "on time". But, if we don't get there until Wednesday, we'll be okay.

So, my plan for today is to arrive safely just west of Memphis, Tennessee. On Tuesday, we plan to be in Wichita, and the plan for the rest of the week is to work and earn some money so this dog and pony show doesn't go broke.

So maybe this doesn't sound very creative, or in keeping with the overall theme of this blog. But, in reality, it truly is. We were sitting at Unicoi since January 1, volunteering as camp hosts, and slowly going broke while we wait for the final word about our applications for working at Grand Canyon National Park. We talked to them last week, and they said even though the job is supposed to start on April 28, if our background investigation is not completed, we can't start working. Yikes!

So, I happened to see an ad on Workamper News Hotline, for someone to work at a campground in Kansas. We had actually been offered a job there earlier this year, but turned it down because we wanted the job at the Grand Canyon. So, after some thought about the matter, I picked up my phone and called the place in Kansas, told them I had seen their Hotline Ad, and said, "you need help, we need a temporary job, if you can use us for 2-3 weeks we will come" and she thought it was a good idea.

While it is not exactly a world shattering idea, it is a creative means of making some money, and thus preventing our personal starvation. So, off we go to Kansas. And, yes, Dorothy, they do have a storm shelter on the property.

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