Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday's Topic Of Discussion

Turtle Time in girl scouts was just a way saying doing nothing, resting, taking a break. Jogging can mean a lot a different things. has this definition:

jog verb, jogged, jog·ging, noun –verb (used with object) move or shake with a push or jerk: The horseman jogged the reins lightly. cause to function with a jolt for a moment or in a series of disconnected motions: He jogged the motor and started the machine. push slightly, as to arouse the attention; nudge: She jogged his elbow when she wanted to be introduced to one of his friends. stir or jolt into activity or alertness, as by a hint or reminder: to jog a person's memory. cause (a horse) to go at a steady trot.
6.Printing. to align the edges of (a stack of sheets of paper of the same size) by gently tapping.
–verb (used without object) run at a leisurely, slow pace, esp. as an outdoor exercise: He jogs two miles every morning to keep in shape. run or ride at a steady trot: They jogged to the stable. move with a jolt or jerk: Her briefcase jogged against her leg as she walked. go or travel with a jolting pace or motion: The clumsy cart jogged down the bumpy road. go in a desultory or humdrum fashion (usually fol. by on or along): He just jogged along, getting by however he could.
12.a shake; slight push; nudge.
13.a steady trot, as of a horse. act, instance, or period of jogging: to go for a jog before breakfast.
15.a jogging pace: He approached us at a jog.

I would like my new blog to be a place that jog's ones creativity, that spurs you to dream, that helps get your ideas flowing. I am looking for a way to be more creative. If you feel that way sometimes, then it is a place for you, too.

I need some help in thinking of a good "theme" for each day. I am satisfied with two of the ones I have come up with, well, actually, three but I'll get to the last one soon enough.

I like the Monday Menu theme, because when you first look at it, it can be about food, what you are planning to eat, what you are planning to cook, what you are planning to buy, whatever. But, again, tells me that a menu can be any list or set of items, activities, etc., from which to choose, such as: What's on the menu this weekend—golf, tennis, swimming? So, a Monday Menu can be just about a plan for the day. A sort of write it down, tell someone out loud what your plan is so that it is more likely to come to pass.

I also really like the What If? Wednesday theme, because it gives me a place to write all those what if moments I think of all the time, just plain silly things, strange things that pop into my head, that maybe someone on the opposite side of the moon may also be thinking.

And last, I like the Sunday theme of what did I accomplish this week, but I would like to figure out another way to say it that would serve to jog my mind to actually think of little things as accomplishments. Like, say, "I ate one less bite at dinner on Monday." or "On Tuesday, I wrote two sentences towards my goal of someday publishing a book." Something that makes me know that I am doing something, no matter how small it may be. Oh, it is a place for big accomplishments, but little things need celebration too.

I am also trying to figure out how to have more than one blogger, so that I can have a colloboration, a joint effort, of several people, because one person's creativity can be jogged by what others do. If I figure it out, would you like to participate?

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Linda's Place said...

so I was never a girl scout, but I think I would like to be a part of this do I do that? Help, can someone help me please??? I need to belong ;)