Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Menu

Since the park officially opens this week, on May 15th, I am making it my goal for this week to get through the week without fear.

When I applied for this job, I read the job description several times, but I never saw anywhere that said that I would be an actual park ranger. The title for the job is Visitor Use Assistant. So, last week when we received our badges, I was a little taken aback--I am a real park ranger, with the hat and the badge to prove it. For some reason, it put a little lump of fear in the back of my throat. Not that it changed the job responsibilities in any way, it's just that is so OFFICIAL! I know I can do the job. Now I want to be the BEST at it.

So, yeah, now, my goal is to get through opening week without fear.

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