Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Great Rewards

I have been in training for my new job for two weeks. Since I spent the winter plus some, five months, doing almost nothing, it has been really hard for me to get up at a certain time and go to work. On top of that, just before we left Georgia to come to Arizona, the annual time change to Daylight Savings Time occured. Then we drove to Wichita, where we were in a different time zone for another week, then on to Arizona to yet another time zone. My body clock is so screwed up!

So, to reward myself for working so hard to learn my job, and for walking to work and back, and for eating less and losing 10 pounds, I am rewarding myself today in several ways.

1. I slept late. I slept until I woke up. That seems like such a luxury, even though I got up at 8:00 a.m.

2. I am having two cups of coffee with chocolate coffee mate. Not sugar-free, full blown sugar.

3. I am driving up to Cape Royal with my friend Sally. It is supposed to be one of the two best view-points of the Grand Canyon on this side. Jim has been up there already, and he said you can see the whitewater on the Colorado River from there. I can hardly wait!

4. I am having black bean and shrimp nachos for lunch.

All this may seem like too much of a reward for just doing my job in life, but, hey, I am the one who gets to make the rules.

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