Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Does It Matter If -

I skip blogging today?

Well, it doesn't. Not really. But it does mean that I probably won't do it tomorrow either. Or the next day or the day after that and before I know it, it's been weeks. "But, I've just been so busy", I tell myself.

Well, the inertia ends now. I've got to tell all or I will forget and God knows we can't have that!

Ken and I have, actually, been very busy. We both started exercising and have been running a few times a week for about a month now - the last two weeks, we've been going to the park nearby and running on the trails. It's so much more fun than running in the gym or on a track. It's like playing tag, really. We have yet to lose an ounce between us, but I know we are better off for it.

We went to Charleston a few weeks ago and stayed with a friend of his. While we were there, another of his friends did my hair. She cut and dyed it and when she styled it, she used a flat iron - I just started crying when I saw it and sobbed out, "I look so pretty!" She just stared at me for a minute and then said, "I think I might cry now too." My hair stayed straight for about 3 hours before Ken and I got caught in a rainstorm walking around downtown Charleston. It curled right back up!

Ken was a sweetheart (as usual) and was patient while I visited a yarn shop of all things. He actually scheduled in time for it on Sunday and then we walked around for almost an hour trying to find it. When we finally did it was closed on Sundays! But he made sure we came back Monday before we left to come back home and he didn't even rush me while I fondled all the lovely soft fiber. He just said, "Take your time, I know how much you love this stuff." Is that a great guy or what?!

On the home front, I've been knitting up a storm. The yarn shop in Tuscaloosa has challenged the shop in Auburn to a Yarn Bowl knit off. Basically knitters (or crocheters) can support either school by sending in handmade preemie caps for charity by the date of the Iron Bowl (the Alabama/Auburn football game), and the shop that collects the most caps wins bragging rights. I found out about it a little over a week ago and have finished 4 so far - I can't just let Auburn win, now can I?

I also started writing articles on Arts and Crafts for Kids for The Fun Times Guide. I wrote 5 of them in the last week of April, and have more planned - I just need to take the photos for them. It's nice to feel like I am doing something related to art teaching, even if I don't have the interaction with the kids. It's also really nice to get paid for it!

Softball season has started again, too, and I am playing with the same team - after the support in the ER, I couldn't abandon them for some Hampton upstarts. We have played 2 double headers and have won all 4 games. I'm way out in right field, so no worries there. Unfortunately, I think I am more afraid of the ball than I thought. I have struck out or fouled out on every at bat so far, and at Wednesdays game, Ken took pictures of me batting. When I looked at the pictures later, my eyes were closed! No wonder I can't hit the ball! So, I am going to head to the batting cages to see if I can remedy the problem. I can't let the ball win either!

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Karen said...

I know about the fondling of fibers. I do it in fabric stores. And secretly at home, with my stash of fabric. I open my trunk where it is stored sometimes just to see it.