Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Late Sunday Reward

So, I am writing about my Sunday Reward on Tuesday....just call me Late Linda ;)

I spent most of my Sunday moving and stacking a HUGE load of firewood that was delivered to us on Saturday morning. I think by the time we were done, there was about a chord and a half of wood. Now I'm really not a superstitious type of person, but I do believe in the old wives tale stories...you know the ones; A cricket in the house brings good luck, if the bottom of your foot itches you're going to take a trip, or how about the one that goes: Pulling out a gray or white hair will cause ten more to grow in its place. Lord, if I believed in that type of stuff, I'd surely be bald.

Since the Fall season began, we have had an over abundance of acorns. Huge acorns. So many acorns as I have never seen in the 21+ years we have lived in our home. I have always heard that when there is a crop of acorns such as this, our Winter is going to be wet & cold. I couldn't find a wives tale about this, but I did find a page on the "net" that talked about such things. Even the Squirrels and Chipmunks can't keep up with the supply that has been offered unto their plate.

Back to the subject at hand: What is my reward in stacking so much firewood that my hands were sore, my back ached and I could hardly get out of the bed the next morning? What is so rewarding about stacking so much firewood that by the time I was finished, I didn't feel like finishing the decorating of my Christmas tree which I like to light up on Thanksgiving just like the Lighting of the Rich's Great Tree (which is another blog in itself)?

What was rewarding to me is that I got to spend quality time with some of the great loves of my life. I had the distinct honor of having my first and last born child out there in the yard, stacking, moving & hauling firewood with me. It was also rewarding to me to have a husband who spent his whole off day picking up leaves with the mower and making our yard look nice for the holidays. Most importantly, it was rewarding to me to have my whole family together.....even the dog was out there.....what more could a "fat" girl from the South hope for ;)........ Happy Thanksgiving!


Karen said...

That was a very nice reward indeed. Yep, I have heard that acorn story, too. Sorry about that. :) from me in sunny Phoenix.

Linda's Place said...

It's OK...I'll think about you this winter while I'm sipping Hot Cocoa by the nice warm fire ;) greetings from Sunny Georgia where it's not so warm today ;)