Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What if you had terminal illness...

I decided to blog on this subject today because the theme for the day seemed to fit. We had a little guy that worked with us here at ACE last summer, Mason. He was such a nice young man. Always polite, courteous and kind. He is the son of a teacher I had at Lithia Springs High School, Gerald Harper. Gerald and his wife had Mason and his sister later in life. I'm sure Gerald is close to 56 or so.

Mason had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (I'm not really sure what kind he had so I'm not going to guess here; if I find out for sure, I will post it in a comment)a few years back and last summer he had a relapse. He has been in both Dallas, Texas & Orlando, Florida Cancer centers. He and his Dad came home a few weeks ago from Dallas where the doctors had told them there was nothing else they could do.

So, my what if? for today is: What if you were 20 years old, with your whole life ahead of you and you were told that there is nothing else that could be done? Would you hold close the friends and family who have always been there for you? Would you spend what little time you had left making sure that those people knew how much you loved and appreciated all of the love, care & sacrifices that have been made on your behalf to have a comfortable and peaceful journey into the unknown? or would you be mad at God and everyone around you because they were going to live and you were not! Mmmmm, tough place to be.

James Mason Harper passed away today. He was twenty years old and had his whole life ahead of him only to be snatched like a thief in the night by the terrible, horrible cancer that lived in his body. From what I understand, Mason was mad. He was mad at everyone and everything that represented life. I had heard through some of his friends that they didn't think he was saved. I can only hope that Mason and Jesus were the only two that knew the answer to that. I will be praying for the Harper's and their loss of such an amazing young man.....I will also be praying that in the end, Mason was able to take the hand of his precious Lord and Savior for his journey home.

In Memory of James Mason Harper: September 7, 1988 - March 25, 2009


Karen said...

That question is a very hard one to answer. I can understand a young person being mad to know that their life will end just when it should be starting. I can understand the parents being mad knowing that their child has been snatched away from them.

I think I would be mad even now that I am 56, I want to live many more years, I haven't done everything I want to do yet.

Cali Harper said...

That is tough to answer. Who wouldn't be angry? My brother was so mean to me because I beleive that he knew that until the day he took his last breath that I would be there. He was bitter and he was unpleassent, but please remember that he was also in a hospital 24/7. He was in constant pain but never told anyone that he hurt, the reason for that was that he was a very private person. he was not the one to gossip and not the one that when you asked "how are you doing?" that he would say "well I have cancer and its not looking good for me." I am so privalaged to have such a strong brother because even though I am 2 years older- I was jealous of him and looked up to him. Cancer or not he had the out look of someone that enjoyed the simple life and not the drama of all the small things. I hope that people can take from his death to realize the true importantance of living. Also I would like to add that he was a memeber of Victory Baptist Church and was saved in ealry 2000. He was also diagnosied with Lymphoma but most likely died of pneumonia.