Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Write For Ten Topic: A Song That Brings Back Memories

Back in my other life, things were not always easy. I was a divorced mother of three, trying hard to make ends meet. One day I met a guy who was a charmer, he literally swept me off my feet--we were married within 6 weeks. He moved in, and two days later he came home and told me he had been laid off from his job. I of course, just patted his hand,and said, ok, we can get by until you find another one.

A month went by, then another, and another, and he made no effort to find work. But I was still all in love, so I just tried my best to be optimistic. Then one day, the credit union called and said I had no insurance on my car, and if I didn't get some, they would repossess it. When I protested that I had paid the premium, they said, "Call your insurance company." and so I did.

The insurance company said no payment had been received in three months. A little bell went off in my head, as I called each place I owed and was told the same thing. I had been writing checks, and he had been throwing them away and taking the money out of the bank!!!

I went home and confronted him with all this, and he went into a rage. He beat me up and hit my son. I put the kids in the car and left, and never looked back. I was so depressed and so in debt, and had no place to live. How could I have been so stupid?? After four months of marriage to this creep, I was in serious trouble financially and in jeopardy of losing custody of my children!

At about this time, I went to visit a very dear friend named Tom, who had always been so nice to me. As soon as I walked in the door, I broke down in sobs, and cried for most of the night.

Tom just held me in his arms and comforted me, as he played "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Every time I hear that song, I think of Tom and how nice he was to me that night.


Lynilu said...

Wow, that song must be like the Hallelujah Chorus to you. Some times, the best songs are those which help us leave the past, not remember it.

Donna aka Froggi said...

Wow! Amazing story...I am SO glad you got out right away. Some of us took way to many years to do that...

hippo chick said...

WOW! That is a powerful story.