Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Write For Ten Topic: Describe a stranger you saw today.

I had a doctor appointment today, so I had the "pleasure" of sitting in a crowded waiting room for about forty five minutes. Most of the people in there with me were just sitting there quietly, minding their own business. But, there was one lady who was talking so loudly it was obnoxious. She told anyone who would listen about how her daughter was working on her doctorate at "the university". As if she did not have to WHICH university and everyone would automatically know which one she was talking about.

This woman droned on and on about how this daughter already had a masters degree from somewhere else and how she had single handedly saved a school system somewhere in another state, and how when she finishes THIS degree she will probably volunteer somewhere for a while. You have to imagine a heavy southern bell accent, complete with exaggerated "g's" on the end of any word that ended in "ing", just so that everyone would instantly know this woman was well educated. Except that she had no manners, I guess she never went to finishing school.

I say she had no manners, because in between telling everyone how very very intelligent her daughter was, she asked each person what they at the doctor for. I really don't want to tell strangers why I am at the doctor's office. Well, maybe on my blog, but not in person, ya know?  She asked one young woman, who had her hand heavily bandaged, "Honey, what did you do to your hand" and the girl just stared at her. I thought it was very rude of the woman to ask.

I was so glad when they finally called me in to see the doctor, for more reason than one. At least I didn't have to listen to BragginG Betty anymore!


Lynilu said...

Good Grief! I'm thinkinG she has a Great big problem!

Anonymous said...

She better consult someone .mybe is metalic problem